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More Than Threshing Grounds

The South Central Threshing Association is so much more than just threshing grounds.

Check out more of the projects past and present that the South Central Threshers have been and are working on!

Fritz Corliss Steam Engine

The Nebraska Corliss Steam Engine Project

Your support is important to our work at South Central Threshing Association. There are many ways you can contribute to our causes, including providing monetary donations to our Nebraska Corliss Steam Engine Restoration. We received a complete Corliss Steam Engine (in many parts) from a Nebraska Sugar Mill.  We are looking to restore this Corliss Engine to working condition. We are grateful for the support of Fritz for their generous donations to the project and are eager to announce the re-naming of the project to the Fritz Corliss Steam Engine. 

 Learn more about how you can get involved, either by manual labor, knowledge or monetary donations to this project by contacting Tracy at 701-391-4500. We appreciate your support!


Annual Threshing Bee

Each year, the first weekend after Labor Day, the South Central Threshing Grounds come to life. This event has been going on for nearly fifty years. We hope you can join us for this exciting tradition as we restore and preserve our history!

More Than Farming Equipment

At the South Central Threshing Association, we are dedicated to preserving and restoring more than just farm equipment.  This 1950 era Parsons trencher was donated as a non-working piece of equipment.  Many hours were spent bringing it back to life. 

Braddock News

Preserving Pieces of Printing History

Here at the South Central Threshing Association, we have our own print shop. This is a unique collection of retired printing equipment from various print shops around the country.  We have a few one-of-a-kind relics from the days of manual typesetting and mass copy productions.

Several books have been printed from our presses. Each year students from various colleges and local schools come to the Threshing Grounds to relive the early years of newspaper and mass production of type. Click here to view the PBS documentary on the Braddock News.

The Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmith at old blacksmith shop at the South Central Threshing Grounds in Braddock, North dakota

Custom Creations

Custom items, including the grave marker pictured above, are created by masters of blacksmithing at the black smith shop found at the South Central Threshing Grounds.

Blacksmith Group at the Black Smith Shopk in Braddock, North Dakota at the South Central Threshing Grounds

Learning A Trade

At the South Central Threshing Grounds, individuals can learn a trade: blacksmithing. Apprentices can learn from masters thanks to the South Central Threshing Association.

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